"Our leadership is dedicated to serving OHiMUN's delegates and the whole online MUN circuit"- Carissa Kanae



About Us

Online Hawaiian Model United Nations is an online conference made to provide an opportunity for others to engage in fruitful and intellectual debate during the trying times of quarantine.  The founders of this conference are aware of the masses of Model UN conferences, as well as general events that were cancelled due to COVID-19, and decided it would be a good time to provide an opportunity to others to engage their minds, meet others, and consider different perspectives and world views.


This conference stands for collaboration and hard work towards diplomacy, encouraging all delegates to engage with each other to create future world leaders.  Online Hawaiian Model United Nations prides itself on rapt and engaging debate for all participants.

Our History

Founded in late June, 2020, by a group of Hawaii students, as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, OHiMUN was formed to better serve the Pacific region of the world. However, the reach of the conference and the scope of its goals are worldwide, as we've welcomed delegates internationally.


After a lot of dedication and late nights, the first iteration of OHiMUN took place on August 15th, 2020. The positive response that the conference received led the Secretariat to create a second iteration. With the approval of OHiMUN 2.0, what was once a summer project turned into a dedicated student led organization that aims to bring together the MUN community. 



What time does the
conference run on? 

All OHiMUN conferences run and be based around Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10)

How will conference procedure/resolutions work?

Delegates can use the raise hand function in zoom to call a point of order, motion, or vote. Resolutions can be written in Google Docs and links can be shared via chat in zoom. 

Do you have to be

from Hawaii to participate?

No, OHiMUN is open to everyone who can attend the conference date and time. We encourage an international range of delegates to promote global dialogues and harmony. 

What is conference attire?

We would like all delegates to be wearing a form of western business attire during the conference. However, it is not required to participate if you do not own or have access to that style of clothing.  That being said, it is required that delegates wear semi-formal attire (aloha attire or button-ups/blouses are accepted)